Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Walking in a winter wonderland...

We have had a bit of a funny winter here in the UK. For ages it was really hot and like an Indian summer it was crazy! But all of a sudden it turned into the arctic again and I was left with no coat or hat :(. Boooo!
My boyfriend got fed up of me asking to borrow his jacket and bought me a coat and hat as an early Christmas present. They are beautiful and I’ve wanted a cossack hat for ages so I was over the moon! The coat is really warm, elegant and has a lovely maroon inner lining and can be found in Topshop. The hat is sheepskin faux fur and is warm and snugly and can be found in John Lewis. The boy has good taste ;).
Lots of love,
Charlotte x
p.s I will upload more pictures soon but my camera is broken :(. Also if you were wondering this picture was taken in Center Parcs. I just loved the fairy lights they were so beautiful and Christmassy!

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