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I am a big fan of highlighters. I think they can do wonders for your face. They can give you a really nice healthy dewy glow, and can also bring visual prominence to your best features. Over the years I have collected quite a few, and I thought I would share with you my favourites and why :).

Ooh La Lift Benefit, Dior Amber Diamond, High Beam Benefit, That Gal Benefit, Hollywood Glo Benefit, YSL Touche Eclat

Dior Amber Diamond, That Gal Benefit, Ooh La Lift Benefit, Hollywood Glo Benefit, High Beam Benefit, YSL Touch Eclat

Dior Amber Diamond

The most recent one I have purchased is the Dior highlighter in Amber Diamond. I really love this highlighter and it is very famous in the blogging word! It is great because it is a subtle shimmery power. I like it being a powder because often with liquid highlighters I find they take off my foundation underneath and I end up with a shimmery white patch and streakiness! With this powder you never have to worry, it sweeps over your cheekbones gorgeously without removing anything- only adding a beautiful healthy glow! It is a palette of shimmery colours which is nice to get a brush and blend together, it turns out to be quite a browny pink shimmer that is great with a tanned face. But if you wanted to you could use the individual colours. I often use the lightest colour as an all over shade for my eyes.

That Gal Benefit

This is described as being more of a primer that you use underneath your foundation to add a healthy glow. My skin is pretty oily already so I prefer to just dab it on my cheekbones or under my eyebrows to draw attention to my features. It’s nice because it’s a matte colour with no shimmer so it’s just a very subtle light pink that gives you a shine.

Ooh La Lift Benefit

This highlighter is usually used under the eyes. It’s great for lightening dark bags but for me it does not provide enough coverage. It has absolutely no shimmer and it is quite similar to That Gal, apart from that it is a lot lighter pink shade. It definitely works to give a bright eye appeal- I usually use it under the eyes with concealer when I need some extra help! It also has a cooling sensation which is good to reduce puffiness.

Hollywood Glo Benefit

I love this highlighter and have used it for a long time! It is pretty much the liquid form of Dior Amber Diamond. It is absolutely gorgeous with a tan. It gives a beautiful golden pinky sheen. The only thing I would say would be to not get too excited with it as it can show up badly in photos-  so use sparingly! I have gone out many a time looking like a disco ball.

High Beam Benefit

This is another highlighter that I have owned for a really long time. I really like it and it is a light shimmery pink. I find sometimes with this one that it can take my foundation off underneath so be careful not to apply it too heavily handed.

YSL Touche Eclat

This highlighter is great for using under the eyes. It provides me with just enough coverage to hide my bags and I really like it. I lusted after this product for a really long time and finally gave in and haven’t looked back since! I would definitely recommend.

Hope you guys enjoy the review!!

Lots of love,
Charlotte x

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