Sunday, 15 January 2012

BaByliss 2285U Curling Hair Wand Review

I have been looking for a good curling wand for a really long time! I have GHD's but no matter how many tutorials I watch or how many times I attempt to get glorious curls... I just can't get it how I want it! I used to have a Tony and Guy curling iron which was a lot more expensive than the the BaByliss curling wand, but on my hair it was absolutely useless and I literally did not get one curl out of it.

After watching a Tanya Burr tutorial... in came to my life the BaByliss curling wand! This is by far the easiest wand i'v ever used. My strong suit isn't hair or styling.. and so for me to be able to create luscious waves and curls with this wand is really something! You simply just wrap your hair around the wand leave it a few seconds and TADA lovely wavy hair! It comes with a protective heat glove which is great because otherwise you burn you fingers so much.. if your lazy like I am you will have experienced this! I would say its more for creating a wavy look or small curls.. its not really for creating those big luscious all together waves. I think you need a bigger barrel for the hollywood type curls.. which I really want to try so I will carry on investigating. But I would definitely recommend this wand for a quick fix of curling your hair, it is so simple to use and has worked really well for me. I'll put a picture below of what my hair looks like after using it...

Lots of love,
Charlotte x

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