Saturday, 11 February 2012

MAC Lipsticks- Angel, Pink Nouveau, Lady Danger

Hey lovelies! I hope you are all well! I thought I would show you an insight into my MAC lipstick collection. I am really interested in seeing the colours that other people own and am a huge fan of lipsticks so I hope you enjoy having a nosey at mine :).

Pink Nouveau

Lady Danger


Pink Nouveau, Lady Danger, Angel

Angel, Pink Nouveau, Lady Danger

MAC lipsticks are a really well-known brand which is very reliable for getting good results. In my collection I have three lipsticks and I have been really pleased with the results of all of them! I have a nude soft pink- Angel, a bright pink- Pink Nouveau (post done on this earlier) and lastly I have a vivid bright coral red- Lady Danger. I enjoy mixing them for both day and night time looks and I think they are great staples for beginners to start out with. The colour is always really long-lasting and you can apply as much as you want for either a bold statement or just a hint of colour. The only thing I would suggest is to always apply a lip balm first as they can be a bit drying and do show up flakes on the lips.

What lipstick colours would you recommend? I'm really interested in going for some darker colours like Dubonnet and Prince Noir!

Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

Lots of love,
Charlotte x


  1. I really like the Angel colour, it's really cute and feminine :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. I bought some Mac 'Plink' lustre lippy today, definitely like the look of lady danger though!
    Jen x

    1. Ahh I've heard thats a really nice colour! You will have to let me know what you think :) xx

  3. I love the look of Pink Noveau! :) Love your blog, x