Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cold weather and Dry Skin solution- Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

The weather lately in the UK has been absolutely freezing!! As a result I have suffered from horrible chapped lips and dry skin. A great solution for this that I would I recommend is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant Cream. It is a skincare classic that is described as a multi tasking cream that soothes, restores, calms and helps relieve chapped, cracked, dry skin and smoothes roughness, redness and minor skin irritations.

It does exactly what it says on the tin! I first discovered it when I was coming back from holiday and was horribly sunburnt! The aircon on the plane was killing me and I was literally a tomato. I decided I drastically needed something to moisturise my skin to try and prevent peeling and drying. I had heard a lot of good reviews about this product and one of my friends swore by it so I hastily bought it and slathered it all over my face! Since then it has been a staple product of mine and it is a great moisturiser.

It is a really thick product which has quite a sticky consistency, and a small amount goes a long way. It really is multi tasking the range of things it can be used for is incredible. For example as a lipbalm, on dry/irritated skin, face mask to give some needed moisturiser, to help eyebrows stay in one place, to give a healthy sheen, to moisturise cuticles.. the list goes on!

I would definitely recommend trying this stuff out.. especially in this cold weather.

Lots of love,
Charlotte x


  1. Great post, I might give this a try! I've only just found your lovely blog, and just started following. xx

    1. I would definitely recommend it has become a staple product of mine! Ahh thank you :D I'm glad you like! x