Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Summer Skin (Dermalogica Treatment Foundation)

Summer is rolling around and every girl wants to achieve the appearance of a bronzed glowing goddess (wishful thinking in this poop weather). I find that in summer I prefer to wear a much lighter foundation that what I would wear in winter. In winter I want to hibernate and protect my poor cold weather abused face. In summer I prefer to use a tinted moisturiser where I can let my skin breathe.

A great foundation I have found for summer is the Dermalogica Treatment Foundation.

This foundation is amazing for those with oily/break out prone skin. It is a lightweight, oil-free, water based liquid make-up that is non-comedogenic and formulated without artificial colours or fragrances.

It offers a great level of coverage, whilst moisturising and protecting the skin.

Personally I love it. Rather than clogging your skin with a foundation, this is more of a treat for your skin and  is basically skincare disguised as make up. It can be used either to provide a flawless coverage, or as a sheer tinted moisturiser. I use it when my skin is playing up to get it back to normal, and also in summer when I want to protect and moisturise my skin due to the sun.

Whenever I have used this foundation in the past I have gotten great compliments that my skin is glowing and looking very healthy, so I would definitely recommend it.

Recently I found out on Twitter that Louise Thompson from Made in Chelsea is also a fan of this product, who always looks beaut!

Some downfalls of the product are that it is not very long lasting, it rubs off easily and if you get it wet it is a gonner!

It is quite a pricey foundation, I usually get it off of for 24.99. Its a good site as its 5.00 cheaper than the RRP and they also give you free samples of Dermalogica with your purchase- good times!

I usually get the colour 1G. I hope you guys find this post useful!

Are there any summer foundations you would recommend?

Lots of love,
Charlotte x

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