Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ombre Nails

At the moment I am LOVING ombre hair and nails! It gets me very excited for summer and has a very sunny/coachella/hippy feel to it.

If anyone saw Lauren Conrads dip dyed pink hair recently thats the kind of look I am currently in love with.

Recently I came across a tutorial for ombre nails and I had to try it out. I am a complete nail newbie, and also a terrible clutz, yet the tutorial was unbelievably easy and took me about 5 minutes to master! I went for a pinky/purple look.

Firstly I got all my items together, for my look I used Barry M Bright Pink 279, Ciate Nail Polish 0711, a clear nail polish for my top coat (one that i've had for yonks), and finally a make up sponge.

I painted all my nails in one coat of Barry M Bright Pink. Once this had dried I applied a line of Ciate Nail Polish 0711 to the tip of the make up sponge and dabbed it onto paper to remove the excess. Then I dabbed the sponge onto the tip of my nails to create a tie dye effect. Once this had dried I applied a top coat of clear nail polish to blend the colours.

This was the finished look. I am really pleased with them and it was so easy to do! I hope you enjoy and find this useful :).

Lots of love,
Charlotte x


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    1. Ah thank you :). Its so easy to do I was really surprised! I am loving ombre so much at the moment, need to get the guts to do my hair!

  2. i love this!!! plus i love ombre this is awesome!! thx :)

  3. WOW! this is so pretty! Never seen anything like that before! :)

  4. I just did this on my nails last week and I love it!

  5. Thanks for the comments girls glad you like :)

  6. Wow, this is so creative! Looks amazing!

  7. Keep practicing- your nails look great! For more ideas you can check out my DIY nail art blog at

  8. they look amazing! xx

  9. I tried something similar to this but it didn't work! You did well, trust me!!! xxx

  10. Thanks for all the lovely comments :)! x

  11. This looks really great, definitely want to try this out, thanks for the tip :D